Pilot Incapacitation


Pilot Incapacitation

This course covers the EU‐OPS requirements for recurrent training in Pilot Incapacitation.

Incapacitation is a real air safety hazard that occurs more frequently than many other emergencies in routine aviation training. Incapacitation is defined as any condition which affects the health of a crewmember during the performance of duties which renders him or her incapable of performing the assigned duties. This can be due to diabetes, food poisoning or a number of other causes.

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Pilot Incapacitation

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This course is intended for both pilots and cabin crew and it describes the standard methods of confidently and safely dealing with a situation where a pilot is incapacitated. Furthermore, added to the course are the medical aspects for pilots to consider when operating without access to medical assistance.

The course is compliant to OPS 1.945, OPS 1.965, and app. 1 OPS 1.965,