Our Solution



Anywhere and anytime

  • Self paced learning
  • Uniformity of content
  • Higher retention of
  • content
  • Reduced training costs
  • Measure effectiveness of learning
  • Reduced learning time


Kershal Aviation is a South Africa Aviation Training organisation fully accredited by the SACAA

Our platform is used in over 50 countries that are all ICAO signatories.

IATA and EASA recognise our courses.

Where are our servers based.

Our servers are based on three different continents to ensure that you have a full filling user experience no matter where you are located.

System Requirements

We Recomend Google Chrome as your browser.(see SOP)

If using an Apple Mac download the Google Chrome browser.
For the best experience the line should be at least 300 kb/s (0.3 Mbps) up and 600 kb/s (0.6 Mbps) down with a ping no greater than 50ms.

Support Policy

  • Anywhere and anytime our team is always on hand to support users with support issues. 
  • Response time is normally immediate but definitely within 8 hours. Contact Us.

The Kershal course ware utilizes the latest technology to provide interactive computer-based training. Training that used to require classroom instruction can now be completed anywhere a user has connectivity and a computer. Users can complete the training they need.

Training administrators can rest assured that all users get the same quality training because every user receives the exact same consistant quality of instruction.