We strive to achieve our vision through:
  • Operating a certified Aviation online training platform    that is deployed in accordance with international best practices.
  • Maintaining the platform to international standards and accreditation’s  Keeping the content current relevant and of a high quality.
  • Maintaining the platform in terms of internationally accepted standards by using only trained, competent staff who shall have all knowledge and information required for each course to be developed, and who shall  be effectively managed and assisted in their duties in order to identify and mitigate all risks;
  • Co-operative, ethical and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers suppliers and CAA’s; 
  • Building a stable team of motivated, committed staff, focused on achieving a common goal;
  • Entrenching a culture of learning and personal development in our organisation and the industry as a whole.
  • Financial stability of the operation with realistic gearing and realistic reserves;
  • Ongoing, proactive management involvement with effective oversight of the entire operation to ensure regulatory compliance and accurate record keeping;
  • Continuous improvement through measurement, analysis and review of all aspects of the operation.
  • Providing world class support to our students globally in order to build the trust relationship that theire learning is our top priority.
  • Continually adding new components to our programme that will keep our material relevant, interesting and accredited by the Regional CAA’
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