Safety Management Systems


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Safety Management Systems



This course is designed for:​

Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, Technicians and Ground Crew.


This course will guide you through the ins and outs of SMS using theoretical and practical illustrations to fully understand a company’s responsibility in safety SMS (Safety Management System)

This SMS course complies with EASA, ICAODoc9859 & IATA-ORO.GEN.200. The objective of this course is to describe how the SMS works, the people behind the scenes, and the management functions necessary to keep it running effectively.

​Topics covered
  • Introduction
  • The SHELL model
  • Organizational era.
  • Hazards and their consequences.
  • The management part of the SMS.
  • Manage the SMS.
  • Different functions within management.

This course is updated after any major change in the regulations,
or if a significant incident or accident occurs under the scope of this subject.

This course can be used for both initial and recurrent training.

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