Extended Transport Operations Training:- ETOPS


ETOPS – Extended Transport Operations Training

This course is designed for:​

Flight crew


This course in MNPS/ETOPS complies with EU‐OPS.


This course is designed for:

Flight crew.



This course in MNPS/ETOPS  is approved by the SA CAA and complies with EUâ€OPS.

It is divided into 3 sections.

As bonus material, the crew also views 10 videos, which describes various scenarios and traps.

•Computer Flight Plans
•Manual Flight Plans
•Aircraft Performance
•ATC Flight Plans
•Weather Data
•Rule Distance and Alternate Airports
•Fuel Loading
•Navigation Data Base
•Plotting Charts
•Organized Track System
•Flight Time Limitations
•Preparation Of Long Haul Nav Bag
•Captains Responsibilities †(International Requirements)
This course is updated after any major change in the regulations, or if a significant incident or accident occurs under the scope of this subject.