Crew Resource Management 2023


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This course is designed for:

Flight Crew, Technicians and Ground Crew.

An investigation in the 1970s revealed that more than 70% of air crashes involve human error rather than adverse weather conditions or equipment failure. The majority of crew errors consist of failure in leadership, team coordination or decision making
The response of the aviation community was to develop new kinds of psychological training for flight crews, today known as CRM.

This course in CRM (Crew Resource Management) is approved by the SA CAA and complies with EU-OPS.

This course is divided into 12 sections:
1.   Introduction.
2.  Understanding the Human Factor.
3.  Human Perception and Situational Awareness.
4.  Understanding human error.
5.  Stress †its Causes and Strategies for Coping with it.
6.  Fatigue and Rest Management.
7.  Automation, the Pros & Cons.
8.  Workload Management.
9.  Culture and Cross-Cultural Crew Environment
10.  Pilot Skills, Personal, and Leadership.
11.  Safety Culture and Standard Operating Procedures.
12. Communication is this CRM.