Enrichment Courses   ATO -NO#:_CAA/0100

CB- Carbon Brake Training

CWOP- Cold Weather Operation Training

FS- Fire and Smoke

PI- Pilot incapacitation.

TA- Thunderstorm Avoidance.

VA- Volcanic Ash Operation

EGPWS- Terrain Awareness and Warning systems

RNAV- Area Navigation

ASAT-  Aviation Security  Ground/Air Crew

WSUR- Windshear and Upset Recovery

AS- Aviation Security

SMS- Safety Management System

ABE-Airborn Emergency

HWO- Hot Weather Operations

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FA-First Aid

Meteorology Training

High Altitude

Fatigue Risk Management System

Discipline & Responsibilities

Runway Incursion

Food Safety

Route and Aerodrome Competence 

Minimum Equipment List